Channel Trading Partner (CTP) Program

Be a “PPE ONLINE” Exclusive Channel Trading Partner (CTP) for your market!

PPE ONLINE is a fast growing safety business which use state in art technologies to give better products, and before & after sales  service experience to our customers and partners. We PPE ONLINE, aim to reach as many customers as possible in MENA through loyal, committed partners with in-depth knowledge about PPE, who know the local market and have relevant contacts. It doesn’t matter if you are a big or small company, if you feel that you want to join our fastest growing distributor network in MENA, contact us today for become a PPE ONLINE Exclusive Channel Trading Partner (CTP)

Steps to follow: “Simple for a Sustainable Partnership”

Step-01: Send us your Online Request- Expression of Interest.

Step-02: Initial Request Verification by PPE ONLINE team.

Step-03: If Request Approved- PPE ONLINE will contact you for more details.

Step-04: Formal Meeting-01 Discussion-Program Outline

Step-04: Formal Meeting-02 Discussion-Products, Targets, Order Plan, Agreement

Step-05: Signing the CTP Agreement-After agreeing KPI’s & Targets


Association with fastest growing PPE network like “PPE ONLINE” will help your organization to grow together with us in your regional markets and can ensure continued success. This will also give you access to PPE ONLINE complete own brand portfolio, flexibility to order mix containers in initial stages, special prices and other benefits as detailed below. The program is designed in a way to ensure maximum benefit to our Channel Partners. 

Benefits include

  • Get bulk orders in factory direct prices
  • Flexibility to order mix containers
  • Access to our Marketing Collaterals
  • Brand Exclusivity for your markets (upon signing the CTP agreement)
  • Incentives, Promotions & Store Display Support
  • Periodic Product Trainings to your team
  • Special Pricing Support
  • 24 X 7 Online Support (Hotline)

If interested, please send us your “Expression of Interest” to or fill out the detail in our distributor page Distribution Enquiries – ppe-online-me (