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24 products

Safety Shoes – Get your hands on top quality safety shoes in UAE

Safety shoes are a very important part of any work outfit, especially when it comes to industrial work. They protect your feet from the harsh environment and from any potential hazards that may arise. Safety shoes are a key component of the Health & Safety standards that are prescribed at any organization or company dealing with ambiguous temperature operations or tough terrains or hazardous objects and materials.

Why Safety Shoes are Important?

  •     Safety shoes are engineered to provide maximum protection to your feet and ankles, regardless of the type of work you're doing
  •     The shoes are built with reinforced and reinforced mid-soles, steel toe caps, and slip-resistant soles
  •     It helps to ensure that your feet remain safe from any kind of impact, whether it's from heavy equipment or hazardous materials
  •     Additionally, the shoes are designed to protect your feet in extreme temperatures, keeping you safe and comfortable no matter how hot or cold it gets
  • Safety shoes can protect feet from burns that can occur from hot metals, chemical splashes, and other heat sources.

Who should use Safety shoes?

Depending on the base material and industry used case, the following industries are required to use safety shoes

  •     Construction & Manufacturing
  •     Oil, Gas & Petrol
  •     Transport and logistics
  •     Mining
  •     Food & Agriculture
  •     Pharmaceuticals
  •     Fishery

Material of shoes could vary from leather, rubber, Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC), and Polyurethane (PU).

Factors to consider before buying safety shoes online

When it comes to purchasing industrial safety shoes, there are many factors to consider

  •     The size of the shoe is important, as it will determine the level of protection provided
  •     Fit of the shoe, as it should provide a snug and comfortable fit that doesn't pinch or rub against your feet
  •     A Metatarsal guard and a Penetration resistant midsole
  •     Conductive footwear, Anti-static, thermal and electrical insulation
  •     Water resistant
  •     Anti jerk and ankle protection
  •     Cut resistance
  •     Slip resistant on both ceramic tiles, steel, or water depending on industry type

Where to buy Safety Shoes in UAE?

In the UAE, safety shoes can be purchased from a variety of places. PPE Online – A one-shop stop for all your Safety and personal Protective Equipment (PPE) needs.

PPE Online is synonymous with providing the best in Industry equipment and is the leading safety shoe supplier in Dubai that promises the industry's first ACD in Personal Protective equipment.

What is ADC in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)?

  •     A - Affordable
  •     C - Comfortable
  •     D - Durable

Why PPE Online for Buying Safety Shoes UAE?

PPE Online offers the most comfortable safety shoes that have great reviews from its customers, wear them all day long. They are affordable, so you can cover your employees without hurting your budgets and we deliver the best quality, that’s sturdy and will last for enough time till you get bored and want to order another one.

PPE online also ensures a seamless experience during the sales cycle and post-sales with its excellent customer service. A PPE online user is always delivered best-in-class service and we are proud to be serving our customers since 1986 in Dubai and across the MENA region. We constantly keep innovating our products and services and currently offer about 12 variants of safety shoes.

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