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9 products

What is a Safety Goggles?

Safety glasses or goggles are designed to prevent foreign objects, particles and debris from damaging the vision while working. It also protects the person from heat and light exposure or chemical and solvent exposure to the eyes in critical industries. Dangerous particles and chemicals are generally hazardous to a person's vision at Construction, welding, maintenance, mining industries and other dangerous jobs that can potentially harm one’s vision or interfere with their eyesight.

Goggles are an essential piece of protective gear for many industries, from manufacturing to construction, and should be part of any professional’s toolkit. A wide range of goggles to suit different needs, budgets, and applications are available depending on the industry that it is required to be used in. 

Why should we use PPE Goggles? 

Safety goggles are required for 

  • Protection Against Liquids, Dust, Gases and Vapors.
  • To help provide Chemical Resistance against the exposure to chemicals and solvents.
  • Reliable Protection Against Specified Levels Of Hazardous UV Radiation.
  • To prevent any foreign particle or debris from entering the eye during an exposure.
  • To prevent radiation in the form of light and heat, when the eyes are exposed to bright light or high temperatures.


Who should use Safety Goggles? 

Depending on the base material and industry used case, the following industries are required to use safety goggles

  • Construction & Manufacturing
  • Oil, Gas & Petrol
  • Transport and logistics 
  • Mining
  • Food & Agriculture
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Carpentry
  • Electrical work
  • Maintenance
  • Plumbing
  • Auto manufacturers and welding shops
  • Chemical industry
  • Laboratory


Factors to consider before buying Safety Goggles

When it comes to purchasing industrial Safety Goggles, there are many factors to consider

  • First understand the entire used case and purpose of the product, basis which you can choose the chemical safety goggles, anti-fog goggles, or a UV protective pair. Understanding the environment and exposure will enable a thorough customization. 
  • It's important to check out the features offered by each supplier before making a purchase. Look for features such as anti-fog lenses, UV protection, and adjustable straps, as these can all make a difference in the safety and comfort of the wearer.
  • In addition to the features of the goggles, it’s important to consider the quality of the goggles as well. Look for goggles with a strong and durable frame, as this will ensure that the goggles last longer and provide maximum protection. Quality goggles are also less likely to cause any discomfort or irritation to the wearer.


Different types of Safety Goggles

  1. Anti- Abrasion / Welding safety goggles - Welding processes will expose the person to UV rays, as well as high light and heat conditions. They also have a risk of particle and debris displacement that can lead to an eye injury. Hence this type of industry should ideally use heat| abrasion| UV| light| anti fog| chemical resistant glasses with adjustable straps as the industry demands long working hours. 
  2. Chemical Industry / Laboratory goggles - Lab safety glasses are designed to protect the eyes from harmful chemicals during a spill and hence are made with full closure to enable chemical resistance along being heat and fog-resistant, also they are made with a softer material with adjustable straps as the industry demands long working hours. 
  3. Construction / Manufacturing / Oil& Gas UV Protection goggles - These are made with a a special coating that blocks the harmful UV rays from entering into the user’s eyes and are made with adjustable straps to enable comfort for the user. 
  4. Anti-fog goggles - These glasses have an anti-fog coating to reduce the fogging problem for the user and are best suited for users who are working under extreme fog and weather conditions. This feature however is a common inclusion within other products. 


Where do I buy Safety goggles in UAE?

PPE Online – A one shop stop for all your Safety & Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) needs. 

PPE Online is synonymous with providing the best in Industry equipment and is the leading safety goggles supplier in Dubai that promises the industry first ACD in Personal Protective Equipment. 


Why PPE Online?

PPE online offers about 7 variants of safety glasses ranging from

  • Empiral Ultrasonic Goggles with their striking feature being that the adjustable headband fits most users alongside other features like anti-scratch, anti-fog & anti-UV light coated lens. It's Single lens wrap around 6-curved base lens enabling superior impact protection and coverage. Single lens filters out more than 99.9% of harmful UV light. These are best suited for Metal processing, construction, chemical and pharmaceutical, cement, wood work, heavy engineering, foundry, steel works and mining industries. 
  • 3M safety goggles Optical Clarity Class 1 - Its Sealed design helps provide protection against liquids, dust, gasses and vapors. The Acetate lens ensure excellent chemical resistance, alongside protection against specified levels of hazardous UV radiation. Its striking feature includes Optical clarity to allow prolonged comfortable wear. Its Vented design improves air circulation, comfort and reduces fogging in hot or humid conditions.

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