Fire Blanket Rolls

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3 products

Fire blanket rolls are important safety tools that can cover small fires by cutting off their oxygen supply. They provide a convenient and effective way to quickly extinguish flames and protect individuals and property from further damage.

Applications of Fire Blanket Rolls

  • Fire blanket rolls are suitable for use in schools, hospitals, hotels, and other public spaces to enhance fire safety measures.
  • They are often found in commercial kitchens to quickly and effectively extinguish small grease fires.
  • Fire blanket rolls can be used to protect individuals while evacuating a building by wrapping the blanket around themselves for added safety.
  • They are an essential safety tool in laboratories and research facilities to handle potential fire incidents involving volatile chemicals.
  • Fire blanket rolls can also be used in welding and metalworking environments to suppress sparks and small fires.
  • They are easy to store and deploy, making them a convenient and accessible fire safety solution in various scenarios.
  • Fire blanket rolls are non-toxic and do not leave residue or water damage, making them suitable for protecting sensitive equipment or valuable assets.

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