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16 products


Safety boots are a very important part of any work outfit, especially when it comes to industrial work. Safety boots offer protection from punctures, cuts, burns or any sudden impact. They offer far super riot grip and control when accessing slippery or uneven surfaces

They protect your feet from the harsh environment and from any potential hazards that may arise. Safety boots are a key component of the Health & Safety standards that are prescribed at any organizations or companies dealing with ambiguous temperature operations or tough terrains or hazardous objects and materials. Additionally, the boots are designed to protect your feet in extreme temperatures, keeping you safe and comfortable no matter how hot or cold it gets.


Who should use Safety boots?

Depending on the base material and industry used case, the following industries are required to use safety shoes 

  • Construction & Manufacturing
  • Oil, Gas & Petrol
  • Transport and logistics 
  • Mining
  • Food, Health & Agriculture
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Fishery
  • Basic workplace
  • Logistics
  • Mechanical engineering firms 
  • Chemical factory
  • Electronic factory


Factors to consider before buying Safety boots

When it comes to purchasing industrial Safety boots, there are many factors to consider

  • The size of the shoe is important, as it will determine the level of protection provided
  • Fit of the shoe, as it should provide a snug and comfortable fit that doesn't pinch or rub against your feet
  • A Metatarsal guard and a Penetration resistant midsole 
  • A steel toe
  • Conductive footwear, Anti-static, thermal and electrical insulation
  • Water resistant 
  • Anti jerk and ankle protection
  • Cut resistance
  • Slip resistant on both ceramic tiles, steel or water depending on industry type

Why PPE Online?

  • PPE Online offers the most comfortable Safety boots that have great reviews from its customers, wear it all day long. They are affordable, so you can cover your employees without hurting your budgets and we deliver the best quality, that’s sturdy and will last for enough time till you get bored and want to order another one. 
  • PPE online also ensures a seamless experience during the sales cycle and post sales with its excellent customer service. A PPE online user is always delivered best in class service and we are proud to be serving our customers since 1986 in Dubai and across the MENA region. We constantly keep innovating our products and services and currently offer about 3 variants of Safety boots.
  • Safetoe Welding Safety Boots - they are the best welder rigger boots with premium leather with a 200 Joule Toe Cap. They are slip-resistant, shock absorptive, anti-static, petrol, chemical and oil resistant. 
  • Bulldozer fire fighting boots have a vulcanized rubber upper and sole, hypalon lacquer type finishing and are chemical resistant. Their upper side has good resistance towards mild acids and alkali while their sole is resistant towards mild acids. They have electric shock resistance and have a steel toe for impact and compression.
  • Jalaska Jallatte Rigger Boots with upper part of exclusive oil and water repellent leather. They are equipped with safety toes and penetration protection of steel. Comfortable anatomical midsole and soft outsole of double density PU with built-in shock absorber. They are antistatic as well.