Fire Detector

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1 product

What is Fire Detector?

Fire Detectors are important Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and are designed to detect potential smoke, fire or carbon monoxide incidents within a building or company or factory. They enable easier operations of the Fire personals just in case a fire breaks out, providing executable visibility and directions basis their advanced scanning and detection features. 

Who should use Fire Detector?

Fire Detectors are an integral part of industrial, commercial, and residential areas, however the high fire probe industries are required to use advanced Fire Detector systems. 

  • Oil, Gas & Petrol
  • Petrochemical
  • Power & Transmitters
  • Automotive
  • Warehouses and Workshops
  • Construction & Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Commercial kitchens & hotels 
  • Laboratories & Hospitals


Where do I buy Fire Detector in UAE?

  • PPE Online – A one shop stop for all your Safety & Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) needs. 
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Why PPE Online?

  • PPE online also ensures a seamless experience during the sales cycle and post sales with its excellent customer service. A PPE online user is always delivered best in class service and we are proud to be serving our customers since 1986 in Dubai and across the MENA region. We constantly keep innovating our products and services.
  • Bullard NXT Thermal Imaging Camera equipped with X Factor technology and the industry’s longest battery run time and enables the firefighters to focus on most critical details in case of a fire breakout.
  • The Bullard NXT is designed not only for long-lasting service on the front line but also low total cost of ownership in the back office. It is purpose-built for today’s fire service including NFPA Certification and the industry’s
  1. Longest battery run time with supreme battery warranty.
  2. First wireless charging systems
  3. Best image quality & leading imager in the industry.
  4. Outstanding performance - The image clarity is further magnified in the NXT. It is equipped with an ultra-high performance LCD display that greatly increases brightness and contrast, the NXT helps firefighters see more clearly in smoke and direct sunlight. Bullard’s NXT can exceed eight hours of continuous run time for the ultimate performance in fire conditions, thereby saving more life in case of a fire breakout. 
  5. Advanced Features - The Bullard NXT is loaded with advanced features, including Super Red Hot colorization, intuitively highlighting high heat scenes in brilliant shades of yellow, orange, and red, and temperature measurement in numeric and relative heat indicator formats. Optional features includes  Bullard’s exclusive Electronic Thermal Throttle ,which enables firefighters optimize scenes with the touch of a button, 2X/4X Digital Zoom that lets firefighters get closer to the action, and Bullard’s SceneCatcher Digital Video Recorder that allows firefighters to capture five hours of video and store hundreds of still images for analytics and reformation.
  6. Easy to Use - Bullard’s NXT is distinguishable from other thermal imagers through its unique focused compact ergonomics designed specifically for the fire service. The imager’s power button design enables easy powering on and off with a gloved hand. Additionally, multiple colors are available for departmental identification. The wireless charging systems are compact, simple, and allow for easy continuous use.
  7. Unmatched durability - The NXT is built tough for the way firefighters work. The imager comes standard with a five year warranty, not only on the imaging device but also on the battery.