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31 products

An N95 mask is a type of face mask that can filter out at least 95% of small airborne particles. It is designed to provide a close fit to the face and offers more protection than regular face masks. People use it to help protect against certain airborne diseases and pollutants.

Benefits of Using N95 Mask

  • High Filtration Efficiency: N95 masks can filter out at least 95% of small airborne particles, making them more effective than many other masks.

  • Protection Against Diseases: They offer protection against respiratory infections such as COVID-19, tuberculosis, and influenza.

  • Reduces Exposure to Pollutants: Effective in shielding users from air pollutants, like those in areas with heavy smog or during wildfire events.

  • Tight Seal: Designed to form a close fit to the face, reducing the chances of contaminants entering around the edges.

  • Widely Used in Healthcare: They are essential for healthcare workers in high-risk settings to protect them from airborne pathogens.

  • Reusable: Some N95 masks can be reused after proper sanitization, providing longer-term protection.

  • Layered Protection: Made with multiple layers of material to trap particles effectively.

How to Use N95 Mask?

  1. Preparation:

    • Wash your hands thoroughly using soap and water or apply hand sanitizer.
    • Ensure you have the correct size and model of the N95 mask.
  2. Inspect the Mask:

    • Before putting it on, check the mask for any signs of damage or holes.
  3. Hold the Mask:

    • Grasp the mask by its straps or edges to avoid contamination.
    • Make sure the nosepiece (if present) is at the top and facing outwards.
  4. Position on Face:

    • Cover your nose and mouth with the mask.
  5. Secure the Straps:

    • If the mask has two straps:
      • Place the top strap above your ears, securing it on the crown of your head.
      • Place the bottom strap below your ears, securing it at the base of your neck.
    • If the mask has ear loops, hook them securely over your ears.
  6. Adjust the Nosepiece:

    • Mold the nosepiece around the bridge of your nose to ensure a snug fit. This often involves pinching a metal strip so it contours to your nose.
  7. Ensure a Proper Seal:

    • Press around the edges of the mask to ensure there are no gaps.
    • Adjust as necessary to ensure the mask fits snugly against your face.
  8. Test Your Breath:

    • Breathe in and out to ensure airflow is consistent and there are no obstructions.
  9. Removing the Mask:

    • When you're ready to remove the mask, touch only the straps or edges.
    • Pull the bottom strap over your head first, followed by the top strap, and lift the mask away from your face.
  10. After Removal:

    • If the mask is disposable, put it in a plastic bag and dispose of it in the trash.
    • If it's reusable, store it in a clean, dry location.
    • Always wash your hands or use hand sanitizer after handling the mask.
  11. Remember:

    • Never share your N95 mask with others and replace it if breathing becomes difficult, or if it becomes damaged or dirty.

Why PPE Online for N95 Face Mask?

  1. Certification: Ensure the masks are NIOSH-certified.
  2. Price: Competitive pricing can be a factor for bulk purchases.
  3. Quality: Reliable vendors provide masks that fit well and are made of good materials.
  4. Availability: Some vendors can guarantee stock availability and faster shipping.
  5. Customer Service: Efficient service and clear communication can make the buying process smoother.

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